Alescon has implemented various requirements and control systems to satisfy the Occupational Safety and Health Act No. 1 of 2004

 We review our plants and locations on an ongoing basis to meet changing environment health and safety circumstances.

 Employees are constantly monitored to ensure that they are adhering to safety rules and wearing the appropriate safety gears to facilitate a safe working environment for all.

 We continuously provide staff with information on health, safety and environmental issues for the environment in which we operate

 Manuals outlining our Technical procedures, Health and Safety Systems as well as Quality System manuals are available to all staff.

 Alescon is aware of the need to protect and enhance the physical environment. In this regard we have a program of replanting trees where mining of raw materials has taken place and in some areas ponds with fresh water fishes have been developed.

 We monitor our dust and noise levels to ensure that our staff and the environment are not negatively affected.